The Appleseed Restaurant was once a home and a barn. However, not a great deal is known about the history of the property and its structure.

The building was once used as a bed and breakfast and was operated as the Lakeside Inn. Bert and Ida Messer lived here at some point, we have a copy of a coach (carriage) estimate that they were sent.

In these days trains still brought visitors up to the lakes region from all points south. In the picture above you can see the railroad trestle in the background. The small cottage that is visible in this picture (bottom right) is called a take down house, and we still have the bill of sale in the restaurant.

When the Fentons purchased the restaurant it was already called the Appleseed Inn. The exact origin of this name is unknown, but the Fentons later changed the name to the Appleseed Restaurant to more accurately reflect its operations.